Management Policy

Policy Bases of the Management of PT. Arthaasia Finance refer to Policy Bases of Mitsubishi HC Capital Principles.


1. Sustainable growth

We will achieve sustainable growth supported by high quality management with trust as the top priority.

2. Respecting human dignity

We will improve ourselves as disciplined individuals struggling to increase the strength of the company by treating everyone with respect.

3. Application of corporate ethics

We will voluntarily work in accordance with the law and ethics and contribute to the development of a healthy society.


Creating a Social-Valuable Enterprise

We will do our best to protect the global environment and constantly strive to be a company that creates social values that provide new values for realizing social development and prosperous life for people.

Core Values

Mitsubishi HC Capital advocates the following principle "to contribute to the creation of a more prosperous society by creating the values desired by society and customers".

1. Focus on the future

The challenge of creating new values is not by enclosing a past time methodology but adapting yourself to future changes.

2. Customer-oriented

To be a company needed by customers, we are always curious of customers’ needs and take actions from customers’ perspectives.

3. Three Real: The real place, the real situation, and the real case.

The real place is where communication with customers takes place. Customers are our priority, doing business with an understanding of the real situation and focus on the real case.

4. Basic and Ethical

Adopting the basics. We will always go back to basics to do daily tasks correctly and behave accordingly.

5. Prioritizing Quality

Always prioritizing quality, then seeks to improve the quality to be a company trusted and appreciated by customers.

6. Differences

Understanding ideas and work procedures and creating new values to create dynamic corporate cultures.

7. Individual responsibility

Completing its own roles and responsibilities independently of others and enhance its own skills and skills.

8. Harmony

Willingness to respect opinions of others and discuss things in holistic, fair and impartial manners, and once conclusions are reached, work together to achieve the common goal.

9. Sincerity

Approaching problems openly and honestly without distinguishing one from another. “Sincerity” is the spirit that inspires the belief that has been entrusted to us by society.

10. Pioneering Spirit

Approaches focused on one’s work based on individual initiatives to create new businesses by pursuing new goals. This spirit is manifested in a strong desire to be at the forefront of our leading technology and areas of expertise. This goal is achieved by promoting the unlimited potentials of each individual.

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