Vision & Mission

1. Vision

Contribute to economic development and increase living standards in Indonesia by developing a unique financing business and as the only company that creates social values (social values creating company).

2. Mission

  1. We will contribute creatively to a prosperous mobility society by providing unique and attractive financing products that are of high value and meet the detailed needs of our customers;
  2. We will proactively provide financing to companies that have advanced technology and / or excellent services, so that they can contribute indirectly to the welfare of the Indonesian people and others through the activities of our customers;
  3. We will be committed to selling our financing products in the form of providing funds for consumers to purchase goods with payment in installments with a fast process, optimal quality service; and
  4. We will protect the company, customers, employees, shareholders, creditors and other stakeholders by conducting business in accordance with Good Corporate Governance and in accordance with applicable laws and regulations.

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