Merger Announcement

Merger Announcement

Dear All Concerned Parties,

On 1st July 2021, PT Arthaasia Finance and PT Hitachi Capital Finance Indonesia were merged. The company name after the merger is PT Arthaasia Finance.

Since PT Hitachi Capital Finance Indonesia was the non-automobile leasing & financing company, there are few overlapping fields with PT Arthaasia Finance, which specializes in automobile financing, and we could expect greater synergistic effects in the future.

Our vision is "Contribute to economic development and increase living standards in Indonesia by developing a unique financing business and as the only company that creates social values (social values creating company)." In other words, we will continue to aim to be a high valued finance company which cannot be replaced with any other companies.

We will contribute to realizing a bright and hopeful future society as well as richer life for people by accurately grasping social changes and needs of Indonesia while all of our employees work together to operate a unique and progressive business in consideration of the global environment.

Please look forward to the future of PT Arthaasia Finance.

Sincerely yours,

Jakarta, 1st July 2021

Ryuichi Inoue

President Director

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