Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

PT. Arthaasia Finance (hereinafter "The Company") focus on enhancing the system of internal management such as risk management, compliances, and internal audits as one of the most important issue for businesses. The Company recognizes that it is our social responsibility to handle customer's individual information appropriately and sets out Privacy Policy as follows. In addition, The Company management and employees observe this policy, and ensures the protection of personal information.

When collecting personal information, the purpose of use shall be clearly indicated, and the collected information shall be used and/or provided within the scope of the purpose of use and taken measures to ensure that personal information is not handled beyond the scope of the purpose of use.
Collected personal information shall be managed accurately and kept up to date to the extent required for the intended purpose.
Collected personal information shall be managed strictly to prevent and correct illegal access, loss, disposal, modification, and leakage; adequate security measures shall be taken.
Individuals may review and edit their own personal information stored by the information provider after authenticating personal identification following our predefined procedure to the extent appropriate. If an error is discovered in the retained information after disclosure, it shall be corrected immediately. In addition, when we receive complaints about the handling of personal information, we will respond appropriately and promptly.
Recognizing the importance of protecting personal information, we comply with laws, regulations, national guidelines, and other standards related to the protection of personal information and shall establish internal regulations for the protection of personal information, build internal systems, ensure systematic security, and continuously improve them.

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Enacted April 15, 2021


PT. Arthaasia Finance

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